Because "adulting" can be hard sometimes.


Therapy is a transformative and healing process - a way to help improve mental health, maintain satisfying relationships and overall well being. Within a secure, and attuned relationship guided by empirically informed treatment and your willingness to participate, change can happen. Therapy is not a quick fix to any situation, but a worthwhile investment in you, your life and your relationships.

Addressing old or recent wounds, trauma, grief or loss, depression, anxiety, relational problems, existential crises,  transitions, or curiosity about yourself and your world in a safe and relation based treatment can lead to healing. Treatment allows for access to a wider range of human experience, and connection to yourself. Therapy will help you identify adaptive and healthy coping, problem solving and communication skills for a healthier you.

You have already taken the first step towards a more fulfilling and authentic life; if we are a good fit, let’s take the next step together.