Therapy with Infants and Young Children

(Birth to Five)

  • Are you interested in learning more about your infant, toddler or young child?

  • Are you needing extra support in reading baby cues, communicating with your little one or finding effective parenting strategies?

  • Need help in navigating temper tantrums, separation anxiety, school refusal, nervousness, anger outbursts or non-compliance?

Therapy can help.

Infants and young children are wired for connection and thrive within loving, secure and stable relationships. It is within relationships that infants and young children develop an understanding of themselves and their loved ones.

As a parent educator, I incorporate neuroscience, attachment, and developmental knowledge to help you learn how to use play, respect, and practical tools to navigate parenthood. We go beyond rewards and limit setting. We learn how to parent with the brain, development and attachment needs in mind.

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I am also trained in Child, Parent, Psychotherapy (CPP) a relationship based treatment for trauma exposed infants and young children to address red flags such as excessive fearfulness, excessive fussiness, aggressive behaviors, withdrawal, extreme sadness, long and frequent tantrums, excessive clinging or dependent behaviors. When infants or young children are exposed to trauma, health issues, grief, loss, or other stressors the world can become frightening and inconsistent which in turn can place infants and young children in distress during a developmentally vulnerable time. Treatment focuses on attachment between caregiver and child to restore and protect mental health.